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Disney Deals!

Two deals that I thought you should know about.

1-Undercover Tourist made their app Disney World Wait Times, Dining and Maps available for FREE on iTunes. Normally it cost $5. This is the mother of all Disney apps. Get it and get it now. This is every Disney app out there combined into one-but more efficient, accurate and easier to navigate.

I will review this app here at a future date, just get this app. You will thank me.

2- Ever wanted to try parasailing at Sammy Duvall’s Watersports Center at the Contemporary Resort? Too afraid. Maybe try going tandem. Right now you can get a 46% discount.  A $232 value for $125.  Thats for two people going together. Offer Expires Feb 23, 2011. Go to Groupon to buy now.

PS I am still working hard to get my new WDWPRINCE site up and running live. That’s why the posts are fewer. Stay tuned hopefully it will happen in the next two weeks.


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Parasailing at the Contemporary Resort

Parasailing at the Contemporary Resort

Parasailing at the Contemporary Resort

I want some thrill action in my upcoming trip to WDW,  so I am going to sail 600 feet high above Seven Seas Lagoon.

Sammy Duvall Water Sports at the Contemporary Resort offers a $130 Deluxe flight for a single flyer. The experience in the air last 10 endorphin producing minutes and soars up to heights of 600 ft. This is Soarin’ for real!  At 213 lbs, I am smack in the middle of the weight limit. Participants must weigh at least 125lbs to sufficiently hunker down and not fly away, and not more than 330 lbs lest you should plummet from the not so safe summit. Sorry, couldn’t help that one.

Regular Flights:

  • 450 ft
  • 8-10 min ride
  • $95 +tax per single
  • $170 +tax per tandem (2 people together)

Deluxe Flights:

  • 600 ft!
  • 10-12 min ride
  • $130 +tax per single
  • $195 +tax per tandem

→Prices are current as of Sept. 09

Flight schedules :
7 days a week weather permitting.
Summer season flights depart every half hour between 9am and 4:30 pm.
Winter season flights depart every half hour between 10am and 4:30 pm.

Reservations are recommended and can be made 90 days in advance by calling 407-939-0754 through Sammy Duvall.
There is a 24 hour cancellation policy.

You can also shop at Curl by Sammy Duvall at Downtown Disney in Pleasure Island.

Fly like Peter Pan! Just make sure your Mickey Ice Cream bars are fully digested before take off.

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