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iTinerary-Free Planning with Disney & iPhone

There are many books and apps out there that will help you plan your next Disney vacation…for a price. Do it for FREE through the Disney website. Then upload your itinerary to the iBooks app. Easy, efficient, cost-effective and easy to access.

Planning for your visit to the Disney Parks is essential if you want to maximize your experience. Did you know that Disney offers an excellent way to plan an itinerary?

Here is how-

1) You must create an account on the Disney website. It’s free and takes minutes.

2)Once you create your account, sign in and click on My Disney Vacation.

3)On the dropdown menu choose Itinerary. Here you can build an itinerary for each day of your vacation. You can add anything from which parks you’ll visit, favorite attractions at each park, resorts, activities, even dining and reservations and more! The list is comprehensive. Just check off the info and it’s added into your itinerary. You can even type in your reservation number for ADRs. No more hassle to find it. There is also a blank box for notes to add reminders or anything else you’d like to put there.

If that wasn’t great enough, I took the itinerary one step further toward convenience. I emailed each itinerary as a pdf to my email account and saved it to the iBooks app.

Here’s how-

1)Choose print on the upper right hand corner of the itinerary.

2)Click on PDF. Choose Mail PDF from the dropdown menu.

3)Mail the itinerary to your email account.

4)Open the email on your iPhone and click on the pdf.

5)Next, Click open in iBooks.

You now have an itinerary for each day easily visible and locatable on the shelf of your iBook app. One click on my iPhone is now all I need to locate every detail of my daily itinerary!

Try it. The itinerary is free through the Disney website. The iBook app is free in iTunes. This the most effective and convenient tool I’ve found. And the price is definately right.

PS WDWPRINCE coined the term iTinerary. There isn’t an actual app with this name.

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