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Swan Dolphin Resort Announces Food and Wine Classic

Swan Dolphin Resort will begin an annual tradition this year with their Food and Wine Classic as part of Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival.  Dates are Friday Oct 8th and Saturday Oct 9th. There will be beverage tastings and tasting stations open on the causeway between the two resorts. A latin, jazz band, Pieces of a Dream will provide entertainment. Sounds like a great time!

“Whether you’re seeking to delve into the details of wine blending or just looking for a few good eats, you’re sure to find a culinary experience you’ll enjoy here in the heart of Walt Disney World®. Appropriately taking place at the home of extraordinary culinary talent, the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin is proud to showcase our passion for food and beverage by inviting you to partake in the first Annual Swan and Dolphin Food & Wine Classic October 8 and 9, 2010. Conveniently taking place during the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival (Oct. 1 – Nov. 14) and located just a short walk from Epcot®, the event offers foodies the ideal opportunity to continue their culinary experience after enjoying the festivities at Epcot®.

Save the date and prepare your palate for a taste of diversity and culinary brilliance. Begin by delving into one of the six seminars offered by our very own food and beverage experts. Elevate your knowledge from wine appreciation to wine wisdom with a Bordeaux Blending seminar, or take part in a Sake Hour to learn about this enticing Japanese beverage. Other seminars available for your picking pleasure include Mixology, Beer, Bubbles, and Riesling.”

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WDWPRINCE Quick Tip- Starbucks Coffee On Disney Property

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Fresh Mediterranean Market-The Perfect Breakfast at Walt Disney World

Imagine having plentiful breakfast choices all made from the freshest ingredients.

Fresh Mediterranean Market being true to its name, serves fresh Mediterranean style breakfast daily in a bright, airy space. Fresh is my favorite breakfast destination at Walt Disney World.

As you enter the restaurant on the ground floor of the Dolphin Resort, the hostess will seat you at a comfortable, sunny table. All tables are pleasant and most have views. The dining area is surrounded by floor to ceiling windows with views of the Swan, lagoon and Friendship boats. A server immediately brings coffee, tea and freshly squeezed orange juice to your table.

You then begin your quest for the perfect breakfast.

Mine usually goes like this-

First I go to the made-to-order omelette station. I take a plate and choose some freshly grilled sausage or bacon and add sautéed rosemary potatoes, then go ahead to create my omelette.

Currently there is a veggie/cheese bar where you can choose the ingredients for your omelette, put them in ramekins and bring them to the chef. (Shout out to Britney for being the best omelette maker!) I choose plenty of fresh vegetables and ask the chef to make my omelette with egg whites. While the chef is making my omelette, I go check out the muffin and pastry bar. (The omelette is healthy so I can offset with some yummy baked goods). Everything always looks so good. I have a weakness for baked goods. They are all miniature sized so the cause for guilt is miniature too, right?. I choose a couple of muffins or danish (or both) and put them on a separate plate.

The omelette is then added to my plate. All fresh! I add some fresh fruit to my plate and go to my table. I return one more time to get two more necessities to  finish off creating my breakfast table. Oatmeal and juice. I like my oatmeal with butter, brown sugar and raisins. I get that and  go to the juice bar and choose one of three different freshly squeezed juice concoctions. My favorite is the wheatgrass. I drink on average three glasses of that juice.One of the things that makes Fresh special is the choice of juices at the juice bar. They all have different health benefits and all are really delicious.

 Now, I am ready to sit down and enjoy my breakfast. While eating, the server continues to pour coffee and fresh juice.

Fresh squeezed orange juice and wheatgrass juice

This is the perfect breakfast before hitting the Disney Parks. Fresh, nutritious and all you care to eat. All for around $20.

Me happy!

I always choose Fresh Mediterranean for breakfast during my stay at Walt Disney World. Give Fresh a try. I guarantee that your hunger will be satisfied and that you’ll leave with a big smile on your face!

Fresh Mediterranean Market is located on the ground floor of the Dolphin Resort. It is only open for breakfast and lunch.

Try Fresh Mediterranean Market on your next trip to Walt Disney World. If you don’t like it, tell me and breakfast is on me.


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Todd English’s bluezoo

The bluezoo Review.

As everyone knows, the Dolphin Resort is one of my favorite resorts on property as Walt Disney World.

Todd English’s bluezoo restaurant is one of the reasons why. No mistaking, this is an expensive restaurant. For those expecting Disney theming, you will not directly find it. There are no characters or character references. (Maybe there are hidden Mickey’s, anyone know?). What you will find is good service, exceptional food and the kind of detailed theming that Walt would be proud of.

Visually bluezoo compliments and enhances the Dolphin resort. The motif of bluezoo references life under the sea. What could be more appropriate for a resort with a Dolphin for a mascot?

Approaching the restaurant, water cascades over a sheet of glass through which stylish images of food appear. Think Davy Jones appearing through the smoke before the waterfall on the Pirates of  the Caribbean attraction. Walking into the stylish dining room the theme of water flowing continues. Wave-patterned wall art, rain drop glass and steel room dividers, chandeliers that resemble chic-looking jelly fish and flowing wall paper patterns all create a soothing sense of being deep under the sea. Even the pattern of the carpet ripples in colors of blue and turquoise without creating a feeling of sea sickness. All is harmonious and calm in this sea.

Undulating steel, wood and glass compliment the aquatic color palatte.

A sweeping bar and a large, abstract wall sculpture of a shoal of fish visually leads into the dining area. To the right of the main dining area is a smaller, enclosed and more intimate rectangular dining area. I was seated with my partner in the main dining area by the window in the center. I prefer the main dining area. The scale and color of the interior works best here. We decided on an early dinner and  there were not many guests. A large table of business men (there is a large convention center in the resort) sat in the center, a few couples and adult families accentuated the outer parameters.

We started by ordering a dozen fresh oysters as appetizers. Our server was attentive and knowledgeable. He described the different types of daily-harvested oysters being offered as well as recommending a nice bottle of white wine to compliment our meal. The oysters were very good, as they should be in a restaurant that is almost completely dedicated to fish. The bottle of wine was perfectly paired with the shellfish. It was fresh and light with citrus overtones.

Miguel enjoying the perfect pairing of white wine with fresh oysters

For an entree, I ordered Tuscan Tuna. It is served with white bean puree, tomato, artichoke, pine nut and garlic chips.  Priced at $31. I ordered the tuna medium rare. It was cooked perfectly. It was balanced and full of flavor. And very filling. The presentation was modern and artistic.

My partner Miguel ordered the Miso Glazed Black Cod. It is served with warm sesame spinach and pea tendril salad. Priced at $35. Miguel ordered salmon as a healthy choice. The miso glaze was good, the salmon was cooked well and the spinach was flavorful. It did not leave him feeling heavy or “yucky”. After having eaten many Disney treats earlier that afternoon, he was looking to eat lighter and healthier. This entree was a smart choice.

For dessert, we ordered coffee (for me) and espresso. (For espresso addicts, check out my post of places throughout Walt Disney World to find espresso here).

For dessert we shared the Warm Chocolate Cake with liquid ganache center, maracaibo chocolate cream pudding and peanut ice cream. Priced at $13. This is as you would expect from the description. The peanut ice cream pairs well with the chocolate cake.  The saltiness of the peanut brings out the sweetness of the chocolate.

Me feeling happy and maybe a little drunk after a very good meal.

If you are looking for an adult dining experience to share with good friends, family or a boyfriend or girlfriend I recommend Todd English’s bluezoo. Expect a dining experience on Disney property, not Disney in your dining experience. It is possible to dine at bluezoo without a reservation, however it is always a good idea to make one. Dress code does not allow shorts, sleeveless shirts or anything too casual. Dress nicely.

Enjoy your dining experience…Under the sea….under the sea…Hey, make your own Disney references!

For a look at the menu, click here.

You can make a reservation at (407) WDW-DINE or (407) 939-3463.


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My First Solo Trip To Walt Disney World

Me Ready For Adventure

Ready For Adventure

What must it be like to travel to Walt Disney World alone? The initial thought  filled me with excitement. I imagined doing all of the things that I want to do, when I wanted and answering to no one.

Occasionally thoughts of doubt would creep in as I considered it. (Ok let me be honest. I booked the tickets first, then considered my doubts later.) What if I’m lonely? I am going without my partner or my friends. What if my imagination created a facade that would come crumbling down once I got there? What if I get stares for being alone? What if?

Surprisingly, these thoughts never took away from my excitement.

When the morning finally came, I woke up after sleeping about 4 hours and got on the earliest plane to Orlando. I did not sleep on the plane.

I arrived at the MCO airport and walked as quickly as I wanted to the tram to get to the hub. The freedom of walking at my own pace!

Once outside of the airport, I got into a cab. Here is where I was reminded of the downside of traveling alone. It sucks to pay for transportation to and from airports alone! It averaged about $65 every cab ride whether in Orlando or New York. I figured, hey, I want to get where I want to be as quickly and easily as I could manage so that justified the price for me. The cab driver gave me his card and offered me a discount if I used his service when I was to leave. As a side note, the driver made very friendly conversation. After revealing that I was going to the parks and that I was not here on business, we talked about Disney; tourism, hotel rates and other things relating to travel in Orlando. I started to feel comfortable about my decision to travel alone. The first person I made conversation with since landing was interesting, friendly and didn’t judge me.

My resort of choice is the Dolphin Resort. You can read more about my general experience with the Dolphin here.

Dolphin Lobby

Dolphin Lobby

I had stayed at the Dolphin twice previously.When I got to the front desk, I was met with an employee who had assisted me the first time I stayed here. Let’s just say I much preferred the person who assisted me on my second trip. (I was upgraded to a room with a balcony and a view of Tower of Terror from my bed, at no extra charge).

I decided to stick with my strategy. I explained to the girl that this was my first time here on vacation alone and perhaps she could give me a room that SHE really likes to help “celebrate” this occasion. (Disneyphiles will note the extra meaning of the word celebrate.)

I was not suprised from the overall demeanor of this person that I would not be “celebrating” the way I did last time. I did not receive a complimentary upgrade to a room with a balcony. She did, however, give me a room that “does not face the parking lot”. Ok. And it “does have a queen size bed”. Ok. And it “has a view but it’s partially obstructed”. Ok. It was room 11-111. That number sounds good. I’ll take it! I’m here alone, I’m number one, 11111!

I got up to my room. I let myself fall back into the big comfy bed. I rested as long as I could before getting up, excited. I am in Disney World, let’s go! (Yes my inner thoughts were in the form of a dialogue at times. I’m alone, cut me a break!)

I decided that from this point on, I will develop a ritual. It will become tradition.

My ritual will be to always to go to the Magic Kingdom first. Then to my favorite attraction, The Haunted Mansion.

I headed out to get the bus. No sooner had I stepped out, when a bus was heading toward the stop. Across the front of the bus were the streaming words “Magic Kingdom”. A very auspicious start! Service could not be better timed.

Exhausted but excited I headed to Magic Kingdom.

End of  part 1.

Day 1!

Day 1!

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