Murals of Maharajah Jungle Trek

Disney’s Animal Kingdom has awesome detail. In the murals of the Maharajah Jungle Trek, the story of the maharajahs who once ruled over the land is told.

According to Wikipedia,


The trail is themed as if it had once been the hunting grounds for a wealthy maharajah who enclosed the forest to allow for easier hunting and then some time later died in a hunting accident. The themed storyline continues with subsequent maharajahs (including the original maharajah’s bachelor brother) transforming the area into a nature preserve where the villagers live in harmony with the animals therein. These maharajahs are memorialized on the walls of the tiger enclosure. The forest was, at one point, also run by imperial British visitors, as evidenced in the Western spelling on the sign at the entrance to the Jungle Trek, which reads “Royal Anandapoor Forest”. When their occupation of southern Asia ended, the British turned the forest over to the villagers of Anandapur, whom you encounter as you walk through the jungle. The trail’s storyline also includes an homage to the founder of the Kingdom of Anandapur, Anantah, in the form of a tomb and sarcophagus situated at the entrance to the Jungle Trek’s aviary.

Here is my video showcasing the murals. Enjoy.




3 responses to “Murals of Maharajah Jungle Trek

  1. I love the murals here. They’re almost as much of an attraction for me as the live animals.


      Yes, the theming is great in this attraction. Asia (or Himalayan Asia) in Animal Kingdom is my favorite section of the park. There is so much great detail. The queues of Kali River and Expedition Everest have quite a bit of valuable collectibles to admire. I wish I were there now! I’m planning on another visit in two months.

  2. Yes, the themeing at EE is also quite impressive. I’m so jealous you have a trip planned! I won’t make it to WDW again for awhile, I don’t think.

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