Bonita Verdad in Mexico Pavilion

As Disney World is in a constant state of evolution, as it should be, some cherished details may disappear with each refurbishment.

World Showcase in Epcot is currently adding a new pizzaria in the Italy Pavilion and Mexico’s Cantina de San Angel is transforming into Hacienda de San Angel. With the refurbishment of this dining location, one of my favorite details is currently missing. I’m referring to the little boat known as Bonita Verdad.Will it return? It remains to be seen. Most likely if it returns, it will become part of the interior of the restaurant as the “shore” is currently non existant.

Nestled on the stony shore of the Cantina de San Angel, the Bonita Verdad was one of the details that added depth and story to the Mexico Pavilion. A miniature version of the boats of Xochimilco that float the canals and carry the party atmosphere of people eating, drinking and listening to live music. Xochimilco is a district located within Mexico City. It is known for it’s series of canals down which these festive boats float.

Although the Bonita Verdad was mostly a haven to pigeons trying to shade themselves from the harsh sun of World Showcase, the charm of this little boat and the stories that it sparked in my imagination will not be lost,  even if it doesn’t return.

I want it to return. Do you?

Here is a tribute to the Bonita Verdad, taken just months before the refurb began.

For a glimpse into the the festive atmosphere of Xochimilco-


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