Daily Prince Report

Week of April 19-25

Win A Vacation For 4 To Disney World or Disneyland…

Changes Going On at The Polynesian Resort…

DAK Offering FASTPASSES for Shows Through End of May 2010…

Best Restaurants for Magic Kingdom Parade Viewing…

An Extensive Look at Jambo House Animal Kingdom Lodge…



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3 responses to “Daily Prince Report

  1. Thanks for the heads up on the trip for 4 vacation! Just entered, hope I win!


      Glad you found the link helpful Micoofy, I hope you win. Then you can take me!
      Do you find the Daily Prince Report helpful/interesting? Since I started it in the beginning of the year, the concept has spread like wildfire throughout the Disney community. I’m flattered but want to keep things fresh. Coming up with new ideas…

      • Yes the Daily Prince Report is something that holds you and your blog as unique to some degree from other blogs such as myself or any Disney blog for that matter.

        My next suggestion is to create new subcategories for your blog. Your videos look interesting with your commentary & photos.

        A direction that you seem to have not yet capitalized on is a gay man’s journey through the parks. Example, if one is in a relationship then post special spots to grab a kiss from your partner. Great places to shop for each other. A spicy treat in the parks to indulge you and your partner’s tastebuds. Where to workout in the morning, which trails to run.

        But the direction for a gay man’s journey in the parks shouldn’t stop at just romance and love. A group of gay men going to the park when it isn’t just Gay Days should be the focus. What a group of gay friends should do while at the park. Why they should a Disney vacation as their next trip versus a trip to Miami or Cancun.

        This may be the intent of your blog but the average reader doesn’t get that when stopping by. They should understand this point of view by just simply viewing your most recent posts. The message of your blog should be crystal palace clear in those most recent posts.

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