WDWPRINCE Quick Tip- Look Outside



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4 responses to “WDWPRINCE Quick Tip- Look Outside

  1. Kevin

    Great quick tip! I am loving this stuff! Thanks, folks!

  2. Nice idea to encourage all of us to pay closer attention to the environment around the attractions. I also have a blog site that emphasizes adult visits to the “World”; I’ll probably do my own photo shoot my next visit (in 2011). Good work.


      Thank you Bruce! Paying attentions to the details in and around the parks is an significant part of the information I am providing. I hope to expand my site to flesh out all of the experiences being offered that are “adult-friendly”. We all love Walt Disney World because it is a direct connection to the “magic” we experienced upon our earliest visits. WDWPRINCE is for all who wish to re-connect to the magic of the parks while also creating new experiences based on adult interests. Welcome to my blog!
      I am going to check out your site-www.brucewdw.blogspot.com

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