Daily Prince Report

Week of Feb 15-21

Prototype bird that Walt based animatronics on

Prototype bird that Walt based animatronics on

D23 Tour of Disney Archives

Joe Jonas making Waves

ESPN 2.0

Another Perspective on Disney World for Adults

Mickey Mouse Has Left The Building

Hotel, Motel, HOLIDAY INN? Downtown Disney

So That's What It Looks Like!

The Key to the Cinderella Castle Suite

Disney World’s Sister City, Swinden England (Yes you read that right) Honered at Magic Kingdom

Pirates of the Caribbean’s ‘Pearl’ Arrives in Hawaii for Filming

Epcot 2010 Flower and Garden Festival Guide Available Now

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts See Increases in Attendance but Less Guest Spending

WDW Announces General Public Discounts for Resort Stays Through Summer 2010

Tiger Woods Wife Elin celebrated friend’s birthday with girlfriends at the Disney World Dolphin (See I have good taste, my resort of choice!)

Disney World Refurbishment Schedule for Feb 2010

Documentary reveals turbulence of key players at Walt Disney Studios in 1980s

TRAILER -Roy E. Disney

Penelope Cruz in negotiations to join Pirates of the Caribbean 4

Haunted Mansion flickering candles for your home (With Video)

Fantasyland revamp to begin in September, Should be complete in 3 years

New Star Wars Action Figures for 2010 available at Hollywood Studios

WDWPRINCE noticed another Disney blog trying out a new column today exactly like this one. We’re flattered!



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2 responses to “Daily Prince Report

  1. Ohhh I’m liking the new wdwprince much much more with this change. I see you’re finding your voice with your changes. I like the multi-links posts redirecting us everywhere.

    And that Cinderella Key, I think I have that one, I believe they use to sell something like it in the stores some years ago. Now maybe it’s only exclusive to the room.

    Thanks again for keeping up with WDWPrince.com and keeping it move in the direction of something magical and grand!


      Thanks Micoofy! Daily Prince Report is looking good. It’s an up to the minute report of all that I find interesting related to Disney. You are right, it is my voice. The other aspect of WDWPRINCE that I’m making stronger is highlighting the experience that adults can create in WDW based on their interests. Stayed tuned for more exciting changes. And thanks for the info on the Cinderella Key, I didnt know it was sold in stores. I thought that was the actual key to the suite! I appreciate you sharing your knowledge. Lastly, invite some of your friends to check out WDWPRINCE!

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