Personal Water Craft Rentals


Personal Watercraft or PWC are available at Sammy Duvall‘s at the Contemporary Resort.

PWC seem to be very similar to Sea Raycers but you are seated higher above the water. Also, they go a faster speed. You can choose between a morning Guided Tour of Bay Lake and the Seven Seas Lagoon, or an afternoon Free Ride in the private waterways. If you choose the Free Ride (meaning free of a guide, not free pay no money), you can do your own thing. The catch is that you are limited to a roped off area. The area is approximately the size of three footballs fields.

I may choose the Sea Raycer when I’m there just for the freedom of going anywhere. I will let everyone know what the differences are more clearly when I investigate for myself.

Each Personal Watercraft holds up to three people with a combined weight under 400 lbs. Drivers must be 16 years old and hold a valid drivers license. A parent or adult guardian must sign a waiver for anyone under 18.


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