Kouzzina by Cat Cora

Cat Cora discusses the opening of her new restaurant on Disney’s Boardwalk.

Cat talks about the concept and menu of Kouzzina. Some keys words are healthy and light, which are much welcome at WDW. Cat confesses that her favorite theme park food is a turkey leg. Healthy but not light, I am with her on that one. Lots of protein! She also offers up ideas about the new proposed expansion of Fantasyland and what she would do for a Beauty and The Beast themed restaurant concept. (If she were solicited).

I plan on trying out Kouzzina for breakfast when I’m there in a week. I have not made a reservation. Let’s see if I can walk in and get a table. Report to follow.



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4 responses to “Kouzzina by Cat Cora

  1. You know when I recently was booking all my last minute dining reservations the girl on the phone kept pushing and pushing for me to try this one.

    I suspected it was because she wasn’t booking guests through the dining plan and people weren’t interested. I almost booked her new restaurant but ended up going with one of the dining establishments over at the Yacht Club over her restaurant.

    I wished the video would show how the place looked packed, at night, the atmosphere…


      She probably was pushing Kouzzina because it just had it’s official opening this week. Word isn’t out to many people. Are you going to the Steak House at the Yacht Club? I haven’t made any dining reservations so I’ll see what happens when I’m there. I’ll let everyone know if I was successful at getting a table wherever I go. I want to try California Grill. It’s booked but maybe I can get in. I’ll be going to see the Spirit of Aloha at the Polynesian. Looking foward to that show 🙂
      There are videos of the interior of Kouzzina. It looks unspectacular. Kind of like the last restaurant that was there, Spoodles. They could have put more effort into making it look Greek. I’m going to try to go there for breakfast one morning so I’ll let you know how it was and post pics if I eat there.

  2. Had breakfast there Labor Day weekend. Really good!! They were also very helpful with dietary restrictions (my mom’s vegan). Make sure you get the chicken sausage – yummy and spicy.


      I tried to go to Kouzzina for lunch but they are not open for lunch, just breakfast and dinner. However, the hostess was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. She let me explore the restaurant and take some pics. She explained to me the stories behind some of the photos on the walls. One of them in the dining room was taken by Cat’s mother. It is to the left as you walk in. Some text was added over it creating more of an artistic feel to it.
      Good to know they are flexible with dietary restrictions. Next time I am at WDW I will try Kouzzina for breakfast or dinner.

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