Disneyland Hong Kong-Mystic Manor and Grizzly Trail


Where were these rides in January?!

I visited Hong Kong in January 09. I did not go to Disneyland. I did not go mainly because there was not much there to see. Disneyland Hong Kong had about three major attractions, Space Mountain, The Jungle Cruise and It’s A Small World. (None in my top 3 favorite Disney attractions).

Since there is so much to do in Hong Kong and based on opinions of ex pats in HK, I decided to skip Disneyland Hong Kong. If attractions like Mystic Manor and Grizzly Trail were there I would definately have gone!

Mystic Manor is to be a cross between The Haunted Mansion and Downtown Disney’s now defunct Adventurers Club. It will be set in the heart of an “uncharted rainforest” called Mystic Point. It will use a trackless ride sytem so vehicles could move freely about the attraction. Much like Pooh’s Hunny Hunt in Tokyo Disneyland.

“Audio-Animatronics and visual and audio effects will tell the story of a mischievious monkey who looses strange powers on the manor, stocked with exotic curios, by tampering with an enchanted music box. Hong Kong Disneyland does not have a Haunted Mansion, so this attraction will fill that bill nicely.” Orlando Sentinel

Grizzly Trail will feature a rollercoaster ride, Big Grizzly Mountain Coaster. It will feature audio-animatronic bears and will careen backwards as well as fowards. A mix between Country Bear Jamboree, Big Thunder Mountain and Expedition Everest?

“This area will be set in an abandoned mining town called Grizzly Gulch. In a nod to Chinese beliefs, the back story of the town is it was founded on the 8-8-1888, the luckiest day of the luckiest month of the luckiest year.” Orlando Sentinel

Here are some sketches of the proposed coming attractions that are scheduled to open in 2014.

Mystic Manor Expansion Plan

Mystic Manor Expansion Plan


Grizzly Trail Plans

Grizzly Trail Plans

For excellent report and artwork of the proposed Mystic Manor, check out the Disney and more blog.

Post Script: I decided to go to Ocean Park which is Hong Kongs largest theme park/zoo/aquarium. It was constructed in the 1970’s. It is absolutely huge. It expands over two sides of a mountain. You can enter on either side of the mountain or take a cable car over.
Here are a few pics.

Ocean Park Hong Kong

Ocean Park Hong Kong

Ocean Park

Ocean Park

Rollercoaster on Hillside of Ocean Park

Rollercoaster on Hillside of Ocean Park

Panda at Ocean Park

Panda at Ocean Park


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