D23 Perks

D23 Charter Membership Welcome Letter

D23 Charter Membership Welcome Letter

As everyone knows, the D23 Expo began today.

Throughout the weekend there will be many events, appearances and announcements. I am going to leave all of that to other sites to cover. I am not here so much to report news as to try to share unique, personal experiences as well as helpful information that may guide you to an enhanced experience as an adult visiting Walt Disney World. (or planning to, or just living vicariously until your next visit).

If you join D23, you will receive many perks. Some large, like a chance to tour Disney archives and exclusive membership rights, some smaller like discounted tickets to events or discounts on merchandise.

I’m here to report that you also get some cool free stuff as well. One of the things that you will receive with your membership is a collectible patch. Just the fact that it’s a patch already makes it collectible. Are patches even being made anymore?

Each patch is custom made and is one of six created for D23 members. They are based on concepts to celebrate the first expansion of Disneyland in 1959. Here is mine, it depicts the Skyway Thru Glacier Grotto. (I’m not sure that anyone spelled through, t-h-r-u, in 1959. I’ll have to check).


For anyone who is a collector, you should seriously consider a D23 membership.


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