WDWPRINCE Quick Tip- What Is A Fun Adult Activity In Fantasyland? Be A Kid Again.

Peter Pans Flight

Stay up late in The Magic Kingdom.

When most of the strollers are no longer in the park. Ride some of your favorite childhood attractions. Magic Kingdom sometimes stays open as late as 3am during Extra Magic Hours.

Fantasyland Attractions that you want to ride again as a big kid are-

  1. Peter Pan’s Flight-How cool is it to fly out of a window and soar! (long before Soarin’)
  2. Snow White’s Scary Adventure-Old school dark ride at it’s best. Twisting, turning track every few feet, cut out figures that you can almost touch, creep out factor very high for this type of attraction.
  3. “it’s a small world”-Refurbished, brighter, acoustics less grating. More charming than I previously remember.
  4. Adventures of Winnie the Pooh-Haven’t been on it, will try it on my upcoming trip. Having read The Tao of Pooh recently, I’m ready.
  5. Honorable mention-Head to the Haunted Mansion Pet Cemetery and pay respects to the much missed Mr Toad. (No longer having a Wild Ride at WDW).

snow white


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