5 Things You Have To Man Up To Do At Disney!

Richard Petty Driving Experience

Richard Petty Driving Experience

Here are 5 adrenaline pumping activities on Disney property that require some testosterone-

1 Richard Petty Driving Experience– Feel the steel, put the pedal to the medal. Ride as a passenger or take the wheel for 8, 18 or 30 laps. We’re talking a NASCAR-style stock car in speeds of up to 120 mph. It’s location is right next to the Magic Kingdom parking lot. There is no charge to watch but you might as well get behind the wheel leave fear in the dust!

2 Swimming with Sharks-Get in the saltwater with nothing but a mask, lifejacket and snorkel and swim with the sharks! Shark Reef at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon is home to leopard and bonnethead sharks, stingrays as well as other tropical sea life. Make sure you’ve fully digested your Dole Whip before you face one of these monsters. True to Disney, it’s a totally safe environment. Cop out, avoid getting wet and watch the sharks from a porthole in the sunken tanker at the bottom of the pool. Manly thing to do, get in the dang pool and face them sharks!

3 Tower of Terror-There is plenty of buildup and back-story until the moment when you are waiting before those dreaded elevator doors, ready to plunge into the Twilight Zone. The queue to this attraction is foreboding and full of detail. There is nothing like the moment when you are sitting in that dark elevator, waiting to be dropped and lifted…and dropped again. Every ride experience is different and randomly selected. Try not to scream too loud in front of your friends.

4 Expedition Everest-Approaching huge Mount Everest, hearing the roar of the Yeti and the screams of his victims. Watching the car appear to careen straight down the side of the mountain. Deep breath. You can do this. Don’t get in the fast pass line. When there isn’t too long of a line, get in the regular queu. There is plenty to see. Details of all those who made the trek before you. Why are those backpacks abandoned, what crushed all of that gear, where have those people disappeared to?  Get on and find out. Get ready for the Yeti.

Terror-ful Lobby

Terror-ful Lobby

Beastly Mount Everest

Beastly Mount Everest

So we’ve burned rubber, swum with salty sharks, plunged in dark terror, faced the fearsome Yeti, what’s left?

5 Work out!– Pump some iron.Come on guys. There are some really good, fully equiped gyms on property. Sure its a vacation but hit the gym at least half of the days you’re there. Put in an hour or so, burn off calories for a Mickey Ice Cream and look like a Disney Prince.

Some excellent health clubs on property are-



Boardwalk Inn-Muscles & Bustles Health Club

Swan Dolphin Resort Health Club

Grand Floridian Spa and Health Club

At least, get in the pool and swim! (Watch for Top 5 Pools on Disney property in an upcoming post).


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